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Calysto's Blog of Wonders

Sit down, Strap in, and Hang on

Calysto du Masque
Goodbye LiveJournal, My Old Friend

     Regrettably, after much thought, and despite almost a decade of paid patronage, I have decided to cease use of my beloved LiveJournal and move on to other services.

     This is a practical decision only. LiveJournal's change in ownership, infusion with advertisements, and subsequent code changes have rendered the site incompatible with my extensively customized/amped-up/developer-friendly installation of Firefox. This puts myself and others like me in the position of either continuing to pay for a premium account or using a separate, LiveJournal-friendly browser/configuration for this site alone. My usage level has unfortunately long-since fallen below the threshold that would justify either.

     I am going to miss you all. A special thanks to adam for sending me the invitation requisite to create my account, eons ago when LJ membership was exclusive. Thank you to all of my friends and all community members for entertaining me, challenging me, informing me, and — as the years breezed by — changing me. Always for the better.

     Although I will no longer be found here, I continue to infect the net like a rash. :) So no worries. I can still be contacted via Gmail and located via Gravatar.

     And so, with a heavy heart, to my many LiveJournal friends the world-round: Peace be with you. Síochána a bheith in éineacht leat. La paz con vosotros. Мир вам. Que la paix soit avec vous. 平和はあなたと一緒に。 Friede sei mit euch. 愿你们平安。 السلام عليكم. Amani iwe nanyi. Vrede met jou wees. שלום זיין מיט איר. La pace sia con voi. Rauha olkoon teidän kanssanne. A paz esteja convosco. Pax cum te. Kapayapaan ay sa iyo. शांति तुम्हारे साथ हो. שלום לכם. 평화가 함께 하시길. سلام با شما. ...and perhaps most of all:
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